Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I like the woman I've become.

I like where I'm headed.

I like the changes I've made.

A lot of this is because of Riley and being her mother.
But really its because of God and His goodness.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I don't like the word ignorant and I've never called anyone that, until this week.

It bothers me when people say things like "Only a small amount of American's are actually racist". On tv last night, a woman said less than 10%. These are always white middle class Americans. Republicans. I have nothing against these people... I lived amongst them growing up and I considered myself a Republican. I still do.

But being black I see things a bit different. I used to think that racism didn't really happen anymore, maybe in the South but not here. I grew up and moved out and then I experienced it. I can't expect someone who has never experienced it to understand but I also don't expect them to tell me I'm wrong.

This week, countless times, I tried to explain but people would tell me I was wrong. I've had first hand experience. But that doesn't mean anything... I do appreciate that President Obama has sparked lots of talk about racism and race.

What I really want to say it: Racism still exists. What are you doing about it?

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Worn out.

I'm tired. I don't remember my pregnancy with Riley being this tiring... I guess I was able to sleep a lot more when I was pregnant with her. Even when I try to get a lot of sleep I find myself worn out. Thank you 9 month old:) I just want to sleep. I just want to rest.

I'd like a vacation. But not visiting family or friends. I'd like to go somewhere where I am not obligated to see anyone, I can take time for just myself. That sounds selfish but my body doesn't feel like it can do much more.