Friday, September 18, 2009


I don't like the word ignorant and I've never called anyone that, until this week.

It bothers me when people say things like "Only a small amount of American's are actually racist". On tv last night, a woman said less than 10%. These are always white middle class Americans. Republicans. I have nothing against these people... I lived amongst them growing up and I considered myself a Republican. I still do.

But being black I see things a bit different. I used to think that racism didn't really happen anymore, maybe in the South but not here. I grew up and moved out and then I experienced it. I can't expect someone who has never experienced it to understand but I also don't expect them to tell me I'm wrong.

This week, countless times, I tried to explain but people would tell me I was wrong. I've had first hand experience. But that doesn't mean anything... I do appreciate that President Obama has sparked lots of talk about racism and race.

What I really want to say it: Racism still exists. What are you doing about it?


Retromus-ik said...

I know what you mean! Racism is still around, it really does anger me when people think we're just being paranoid. Having Barack as the first Black president of the US does mean racism isnt an issue anymore...

Anonymous said...

Boy, the discussions of race has been coming up a lot lately. Unfortunately, its not all good. There was a time when I would let discussion like this get me in a fit. Now I ignore them or keep my comments to myself. See, its not because I no longer care, but why make an effort to change someone's made that's already made up. Seriously, it's often a waste of my good energy and valuable time. Now if someone wants to have an intelligent conversion and make an effort see things from all sides, then I'm open for a discussion. You don't have to agree with me, but don't discount my life, my story or my opinions.

I think a lot of people, white and black, are bigots and wait for their opportunity to say, "See I knew it! Their all the same!!"

My life is about love, acceptance and family. If all you see is my race then move on.

Dorkys Ramos said...

Oh it DEFINITELY exists and people would be lying to themselves if they said otherwise. Just because some of it might not be so out in the open and in your face, it's still out there. The fact that such a big deal was made about our current president's racial background and even the fact that it took so long for someone different to get to that position is proof of it.

His achievement merely stirred up the muck that had been settling under the water and brought out the crazies.

Anonymous said...

I found a really cool article...

Talk about the outburst at President Obama's speech. Very interesting article.

Moorea Seal said...

I am a skinny little white looking girl, though my heritage doesn't sound like it would end up making such a pale person, and I agree with you girl in saying that racism SO definitely still exists. And I really doubt that only 10% of Americans are racist. That just cannot be true. I wish that racism didn't even exist at all, but sadly I can see so much racism around me. And I am sure that there must be so many more sad people who even though they do not verbally express their racism, they still do harbor it in their cold hearts.

Ah...I pray about it a lot. There is so so so so much still that Americans really need to work through, get over, not only look past but really see more clearly.

<3 i love you lady

Megan Marie said...

So, when I had my babies, I was at the same hospital both times. I loved it and thought the staff was wonderful. They took really great care of both my husband and me.

I went recently to be with a friend who was having a baby. Her husband was working in a different state so he couldn't be there. She is from Fiji and has the most beautiful dark skin. Same nurses, same doctor, same anesthesiologist. They treated her like dirt. I was so appalled.

One man, when she mentioned that she was lucky to have good friends who were there for her, said, "well, they couldn't keep you from getting pregnant, could they?"

I was so mad, but my words totally failed me. I was in total shock.

I guess I used to fit into the category of white people who thought racism was all but gone, but I was wrong.

Sharon said...

I have taught anti-racism classes to teachers in my school district. But, with my students, I try to model the way to be. When I do see racist acts or hear racist expressions, I speak up!