Monday, July 10, 2006



I like this picture. This guy is very attractive. Hes so comfortable with himself. Or so it seems. Thats attractive. Its attractive when people are who they want to be. Not who society or others tell them to be.

But then I look at this picture more and I wonder if he's just trying to be trendy with the whole "indie" scene thats going on right now. Probably. And I'm attracted to most boys who are into the whole indie/folk scene.

Am I just caught up in this trend or would I always like this music or this style or these type of boys...I think I am caught up in it. I didn't want to be but here I am. I do know I've always liked folk music though...I doubt I'll ever stop liking it.

I don't want to be part of the scene. I don't want people to label me as just another scene kid. I want people to label me as someone who is on fire for God and wants to live according to His will. I want people to think I'm different because of my heart, not because of some trend that will be over. Yes, some people have been living the indie lifestyle for awhile but more people have picked it up and its become the cool thing to do. I respect those who have always lived this way.


And God is amazing. I sat outside tonight with my dad and sister and we just talked. I love when we do that. The moon was so big and bright it lit up the whole sky. It was beautiful. And the God made the moon and stars. He made that beauty we see every night. Amazing. I didn't wish on the stars tonight because I didn't see a shooting star :( but I loved every moment I spent spending time with my dad and sister!

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lizz said...

it's hard not to become a stereotype, isn't it? it's hard not to join the ranks of soup cans, ready to be labeled. it's hard to differentiate between 'originality' and 'stereotypicality'. it's hard to see everyone is unique ... because man rarely ever looks inside. it's the outside that counts.