Sunday, November 19, 2006


I've been in such a weird place. I entered school not caring one bit about how I looked or came across. My only concern was school and getting good grades. But as school is winding down I'm becoming more concerned about how I look, constantly comparing myself to other people, mostly girls...beautiful ones. I'm neglecting my schoolwork because I'm scared I'm not good enough for some boy to actually be attracted to me. I despise girls who think like that but now that I take a step back and look at the past few weeks I'm disgusted with myself. How could I become that which I disliked so much? How?

I am reminded of a message Pastor Alex once gave about how satan uses our weakness to tempt us, to lead us away and distract us from God. My weakness is my self-esteem. I was almost in a good place. Not really caring and being content with the way God made me...But its like I lingered a little too long in front of the mirror...Then a little more time on thinking about what I was going to wear and trying things on instead of spending time in the word...Actually making an effort to apply makeup, although I don't really enjoy wearing it...Beginning to compare myself to every girl and tear myself down over and over...satan used another weakness. Certain boys from my past. Boys that really left bruises and scars. Everytime I would see these boys I would be reminded about how I wasn't good enough, and I would be left with those thoughts. Thoughts that I would just go over and over with. Trying to figure out what was wrong with me, and why I wasn't pretty enough. My past seemed to be something that was coming up more and more, slapping me in the face and making me dislike myself even more. I blamed my past for ruining relationships and basically ruining my life.

This last week though I wanted to catch up on my bible reading so every spare moment was spent reading God's word. My heart was humbled and my spirit was refreshed. And finally my eyes were opened again. I remembered the real beauty that I wanted and was working towards. The beauty that came from the heart, from the heart that was simply devoted to serving Jesus. I want someone to be attracted to that and that alone. After being reminded of this I felt as if all the stress and worry about how I looked or acted was removed. God made me. I am beautiful to Him. Thats all that matters. Inner beauty is what I desire more than anything.

It is not an easy journey but God is so good and so patient. I am trying to learn that in His sight I am beautiful and loved. No matter what I say or do I am still adored by Him. He doesn't care about my past or let that stop Him from pursuing me.

Basically Proverbs 31 is what I am striving for.

I just want to please Him in all I do. In all I say. I want to serve Him. I want that to be my only concern.

I do believe that I will be leaving this semester the way I entered and that makes me happy. God is so good and I want to stay focused on Him.


Ems said...

O Margaret, this brought tears to my eyes.

How often do we row the same boat with the same oars?! =)

Your heart for God is so beautiful. Isn't is wonderful how, no matter how blind we become, He always woos us back to Himself and restores our sight?

I love you, m'dear. *HUGS*

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

margie, you have a beautiful soul. thank you so much for this; i feel like you've been reading my diary.

God is so good.

you're marvelous and spectacularly beautiful, from the inside out.

i looove you.

Rebecca said...

Ah! We should get coffee at Commons sometime Marge. I know we keep saying we will, but we really should. :-)

Becky Gaertner