Monday, November 13, 2006

When will the rain pour?

so I can sleep in and not feel bad. So I can listen to Coldplay, Snow Patrol and Death Cab for Cutie. I want to watch the rain from my window. I want to watch a long movie still in my pajamas with a blanket wrapped around me. Later I would dance through some puddles. I wouldn't need a jacket or shoes. Barefoot is how I like to enjoy the rain. The smell of rain is amazing. I like to stand with my arms spread out just inviting the rain. Its my favorite time to pray to God. So much beauty is seen through the rain...Hes amazing.

Lord, let it rain.


Ems said...

O, I hope it rains soon!

I thought that it might rain today, but alas. 'Twas not meant to be.

Anonymous said...

right there with you gorgeous.

pyjamas and hot cocoa after puddle jumping = a very wonderful day.