Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thoughts on God and the church.

I was thinking about God and His unconditional mercy and love. I was thinking about how He sent His only Son to die for us... He knew that some wouldn't care, someone would deny this free gift, yet He still did it.

I was thinking about how when Jesus came He told everyone to follow two commandments: Love your God, and love your neighbor. This doesn't mean the other 8 don't count, you see, by following those two, you will follow the other 8. (Matthew 22:36-40)

I was thinking about loving God and how I want to obey Him, honor Him, serve Him. Because I love Him. Those things should come easily, not that they are easy. Then I thought about loving others, and I realized that by doing this I will respect them, I won't want to covet things that are theres, nor would I want to steal from them:)

I thought about how so many times in religions they have rituals and rules. Rules and rituals. But Christianity isn't about the rituals, nor is it about the rules. Its about the relationship. I used to roll my eyes at that, but it comes down to our personal relationship with Jesus and our Father.
We were created to be in relationship with God, and instead of forcing us, He has given us the choice.

(I could go into predestination but I won't because its complicated)

What a loving Father to give us a choice. To let us decide if we will follow and serve Him. He loves us so much that He has left this up to us.

And when we do decide to enter into relationship with Him, then He asks us to simply love Him and others.

People assume that Christianity means no smoking, no drinking, no swearing, no dancing... That there are many rules tied in. But those are things the church has attached to Christianity. I'm not saying its okay, but if you struggle with those things, you are still allowed to know God and be part of the Church. I love that everyone is welcome and there is no criteria you need to meet. When God sent Jesus, He sent Him to the Jews and the Gentiles. We are the Gentiles, we got crafted in. Because Jesus was sent for everyone. (John 3:17)

Everyone is welcome in the Church. I'm trying to remember this.


timewilltell said...

This was encouraging as I am trying to rid myself of any prejudices, however big or small, I developed and learned from others growing up in the church. It's scary how easy we can be to judge.

jasmine said...

i completely agree with you - it's all about loving jesus and loving others, and no one should be denied the option to do those things. :)

Tanisha said...

This Is Wonderful. For A Long Time I Was Unaware Of the Presence Of God and How Much He Loved Me And Was Afraid Of People Judging Me But Now I Know It's You And God's Relationship Not You God And Everyone else.

Anonymous said...

This was well stated. I enjoyed reading it.
Thanks for the reminder.