Monday, July 06, 2009

Wise with money.

I dislike being wise with my money, but I do it anyways. Its nice to know that it will pay off in a few years, but it really sucks right now. So many things I want to buy, things for my house, a new car, fancy kitchen items and lots of cookbooks, plants for my yard, new camera equipment, more fish for dinner, haha!

I cannot bring myself to buy anything over $20 if I'm buying for me. My parents gave me a good amount of money for my birthday and my mom said: "Please spend this on yourself". But I can't do it. Instead I'm putting most of it towards my credit cards, and saving the rest.

I have a goal to be debt free, by the time I'm 25. The way things are going I should be debt free sooner than that if I keep up. Sometimes though I want to get off track. I want to stop paying more than the minimum, and just pay the minimum. I want to take all the extra money we get and buy something nice... Like a fancy mixer or a new car.

Then I remember that having no debt with a little stuff, is a lot better than having lots of stuff, with lots of debt. I'm grateful for a husband that is very wise with money and that is helping me stay on track. I know I'll be grateful when we buy our first car and our first house. I already am grateful that God gives us money to pay our bills and to pay a little more on our credit cards each month. I'm grateful we're able to eat and buy gas. I'm grateful that when we have needs, those are more than met. Although I want more sometimes, God gives me all that I need and never does He give me any less.

He gives me so much more in other ways.


Megan Marie said...

I am feeling you on this one. There is this "someday" list in my mind, that grows and grows each day. Mostly things for our home.

But Matt and I talked a long time ago about building our home on a good foundation, and what that means. I like to think that my frugality is building a spirit of thrift and resourcefulness in our home, that I want my kids to always have.

So every time I go window shopping, I remind myself that the spirit of my home has nothing to do with what is in it, and everything to do with who is in it, and what kind of people we are becoming.

Love your post. It feels good to rejoice with people in a similar situation.

Gerri said...

Great wisdom.

Sandra P. said...

i need to remember to be wise too. sigh.