Friday, June 05, 2009

I cannot sleep.

On Tuesday Leif sent me this link to someones memorial page on facebook. At first I didn't recognize who it was, but then I realized. While I wasn't close with this person it still hurt me. We had talked before, even hung out. We didn't get along always but I still enjoyed her. I had no idea how she died, and tonight I happened to check her memorial page and there was this link. I watched it and cried. I sat here sobbing. I'm really upset and so confused. It hurts me and I can't even begin to imagine how it might hurt her family and friends. This isn't fair, but life isn't fair is it?

I struggle greatly in my faith when it comes to death. I know it must happen but I always think when people are 80, not 24. God, why?

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Gerri said...

Yeah, it doesn't make much sense to my head either. ???