Friday, June 26, 2009

So blessed.

I'm so blessed. I get reminded of this when I'm actually able to get a hold of my best friend in South Carolina and we get to pick up where we left off. I'm reminded of this when my husband comes home from work to eat with me instead of his new friends at lunctime. I'm reminded of this when my sweet little baby is teething at night but smiles when mommy tucks her back in. I'm reminded of this when people call me to set up a time to come visit us here in Monterey.

I woke up so excited, despite rocking Riley to sleep early in the morning. I love those moments so I didn't mind. I also got to wake up to lovely text messages from favorite friends.

God, you are always so good


Mrs.Zeus said...

Such wonderful blessings in life we need to take time to be grateful.

Thank you for posting this and for reminding me there's so much I need to appreciate before giving up.

Thank you!

Gerri said...

I miss those middle of the night quiet baby moments...I believing God that I will experience them again very soon. Enjoy.