Thursday, March 05, 2009

About me?

I like having brown eyes.
I like to wear my jeans with white v-necks and brown sandles.
I also enjoy my TOMs.
Big earrings are my new favorite. But only if they're from World Market or hand-made.
I love World Market. When I get my house everything will come from that store. Actually, I don't need to wait until I have a house.
I also love Trader Joes and Whole Foods. I enjoy being healthy. And natural.
Yet I also enjoy a cigarette here and there.
With a Fat Tire. No hard stuff please.
Champagne is fun to. I'm no lush though.
I like to make my own skin products. I have sensitive skin, and I don't trust a lot of products.
I always grow out my eyebrows then wax them again.
I want to eat oatmeal and cream of wheat everyday. With flaxseed.
I think I'm pretty when I'm by myself but not around other people.
I hate sitting up straight.
I say I don't believe in Karma but I think I just might.
I know I like better music than most people. I dislike people with bad taste in music. I try not to hate but I can't help it...
I love God but I have a lot of questions. I know He's good.
I adore red hair. And freckles. I want Leif and Riley to have freckles. I have a few.
I wear the same things over and over. I like what's familiar.
But I also like to throw in something very un-familiar to throw myself off.

And when I say that I mean I'll throw in anything. I like life to always surprise me.


Mikimu said...

You seem really in touch with yourself. I wonder how many people actually know themselves, me included. Very insightful stuff :O)

Margaret said...

Why thank you:)

Aidni said...

i just bought some TOMs :D

thanks for the flickr add :)

Kahnee said...

"I think I'm pretty when I'm by myself but not around other people."

I think the same way, unless I'm just wearing the greatest outfit, but sometimes I can look in the mirror at work and think..hmmm maybe this wasn't the best outfit afterall.

"I hate sitting up straight."
me too, but I've been trying to work on sucking in my gut, so i'm getting used to it.

tnt5150 said...

My husband is a red head (he loves your love for redheads comment),but the older he gets the darker his hair gets.