Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm not very good at communicating.

I do not return phone calls usually.
It takes me a long time to write back to emails.
I do not respond to letters or cards.

I do not like to make calls.
I do not really write emails.
I no longer write letters or cards.

I used to call people all the time.
I used to write long emails.
I used to send countless letters and cards for fun.

What happened?
Can I change this?
I was thinking about this the other day... The extent of my communication is text messaging.
Maybe that's my problem. I don't think I need to communicate any other way when I could just text.
I don't think text messages are that loving though... Sure they are appreciated, but a letter, or email or phone call means so much more. At least to me.

Some stuff happened to two girls I love very much this past week.
It made me realize I needed to call and show my love.
I made Brittney a package, but have yet to send it.
I will do that this week. I will also include the perfect letter.

My sister and mom send me cards all the time, this month I will send them each a card.

I will also make phone calls. I HATE HATE HATE the phone but I'm going to get over that.

I like how this blog has become a documentation of me changing.


Mikimu said...

Hi, it's easy to understand how we can get wrapped up in the electronic age. Text messages are just EASY. I am not a phone talker either...but I love, love, love sending handwritten cards to my family and friends. I keep a collection of cards for all occasions in a box on my closet shelf so that when the urge hits me or I need to send a certain sentiment...I am fully prepared. Just last month, I stocked up on "Happy Anniversary" and "Just Because" cards. There is indeed nothing like getting a special handwritten letter or card in the mail.

Margaret said...

My mom does that... Keeps cards like that. I should do that:) Thanks for leaving this comment!

Keya said...

I tend to talk to my family a lot on the phone, but I hardly call my friends, especially the long distance ones. If I find myself thinking about them I'll call right then & there. I'm better with email.