Monday, March 16, 2009


My passion has returned. And I'm praying and asking God to keep it going.

I'm so excited right now. God is so good. My heart is so full.

I'm in love with my Maker in a way I haven't been in months. Almost a year.

He's working in my heart. Changing the way I look at things, especially my relationship with Him.

He's bringing wonderful people in my life and showing me that some people have been here all along.

I'm spending a lot more time praying and reading the word. Reading the word and praying. I'm not getting enough.

Isn't that how it should be though? Never being satisfied with what you learn and with God. I want so much more and I'm diving head first.

It feels amazing and I've missed my Father. Yes, I know I've always loved Him, but our relationship has changed for the better.

I'm pursuing with all my heart and all my strength.


Gerri said...

That is awesome that you are on fire for God again!

courtneyy5 said...

That is awesome! I love posts like this, God is so good!