Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Feathers & Summertime.

I love feathers. I wish I wore them more. I think I'll buy these feather clips from Urban to put in Riley's hair. I love her hair. I love her curls. I like my curls too. I hope all my children have curls.

I think this summer will be good. No matter where Leif and I end up it'll be an adventure. Hopefully I'll take lots of pictures, mostly polaroids. Instant is better. :) I'm looking forward to Riley being even more active during the summer. Crawling and using her hands to talk to me. I plan on many trips to the beach, wearing big hats, face painting, lemonade stands & bake sales with Maddy if I live in Oregon this summer, wearing no shoes, lots of yoga, dancing with Riley, cooking more, cake baking, sewing curtains and seat cushions, hiking and visiting forests. . So much so much to do!

If I live in Oregon I'll have a garden! If my mother in law will let me.
Honestly I want to end up in Oregon because I want to live as simple as possible. I want to get away from "lots of things" for awhile. I want to live with very little. I want to be humbled daily.
And I want to buy this headpiece

Updated Summer List


Moorea Seal said...

this summer we HAVE TOO hangout in the northwest and play with riley and have adventures.

Megan Marie said...

the headpiece was unexpected! haha

Megan Marie said...

ps, stuck a link to this post for my "live lists" because it was so very lively.

Gerri said...

I hope you get your hearts desire. :)