Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer List.

This is my original summer list:)! And this is the updated version for Megan's Live List!
  • Train rides.
  • Beach trips with floppy hats
  • Finding new music that changes my outlook on life
  • Volunteering
  • Dancing
  • Polariods of favorite things
  • Picnics in different places
  • Face Painting
  • Sewing curtains and seat cushions
  • Lemonade stands & bake sales
  • Slumber parties in the living room
  • Teaching Riley sign language
  • Hiking & visiting forests!
  • Being barefoot as much as possible
  • Cake baking!
  • Finding a cave
  • Dates with Leif
  • Dying my hair with henna
  • Movie marathons
  • Laying in a field of flowers... Somewhere.
  • Aquarium trip!
  • Buy a fish
  • BBQ party
  • Celebrate my birthday in style, 22years is a big deal
  • Take Leif to the Zoo since he loves it so
  • Work on my Belle & Sebastian photoshoot
  • Get some more lessons in photography
  • Go to different Farmers Markets
  • Learn to live more healthy and organically
  • Also, I want to be on this website:
I'll probably keep adding to this list but for the mean time this is what I have!


Gerri said...

Great list.

Anonymous said...

Great list. I've purchased the floppy hat now I have to get myself and family to the beach.

Megan Marie said...

ooooo, you will have to tell me when you get on LOOKBOOK! love the new list! I might just have to do a few of those things!

Karen said...

That LookBook site is pretty cool. It's official...your blog rocks!