Sunday, May 03, 2009

To be a good wife.

Before I was a mother I was a wife. And although I'm a mother now I am still a wife. That is my first priority. Some people put their children first, then their husbands, I put my husband first, then my child.

When I say that it doesn't mean I neglect my child to take care of Leif. No, not at all. But this does mean that my husband does not get ignored nor pushed to the back burner. The one that gets pushed to the back would be me, totally fine. This is not the point of the post though, wither my husband is first or not. The point of this is to explain what being a good wife is, to me.

Now, I want to be the best wife I can be to my husband. When I think of a good wife I think of Provers 31, I think of my mother, I think of women within my church, I think of Leif's mother, I think of my sister in law, and so forth. I think of a woman who is willing to serve, not just willing but with a cheerful heart, with excitment. Serve her Father and her husband. I think of a woman who submits when submission is called for, and with a cheerful heart. I think of a woman who prays constantly for her husband and for her marriage. I think of a woman who puts the time and effort into the marriage because a marriage cannot survive without God, or the effort. Love is helpful but not the only thing that can make a marriage work.

Being a good wife to me means pursuing God with all that I am and giving myself to Him completely before giving myself to my husband. Since I've really begun to live like this, my attitude towards Leif and my role as a wife has changed. For the last month Leif has woken up to breakfast and come home to dinner. Those are things that make him happy. I've been praying with Leif more and trying to encourage him whenever I can. I remind him that I love him and I really make an effort to spend time with just Leif. I've been more patient and understanding. I've been biting my tongue and not talking back when is not needed. I've been attempting to listen more and talk less :) I struggle with that. And I really struggle with having an attitude and God has been thankfully helping me with that.

Leif thanked me the other day and it meant a lot that he had noticed the change. That's encouraging for me. He's such a good husband to me, he deserves so much more. Some days are easier and others are harder. I'm loving the way our marriage has changed and the way God has blessed us. I've always grown closer to God because of this pursuing I've been doing it and its wonderful. He's such a wonderful Father!


Moorea Seal said...

<3 you are an incredible woman. and ps, i would think you are completely you and completely beautiful whether you had a nose piercing or not. beauty is the interior that radiates out. someone who is pretty on the outside can turn so ugly for me if their essence is ugly, you know what i mean? that interior being of a person totally warps their outsides for me. you are stunning.

Gerri said...

Great post. I'm happy to hear that there is true love in your marriage. I pray more couples find that and put God at the head of their union. :)